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Hello there! Welcome to my fanart gallery :^)

I love crazy couples, and when I ship, I ship hard o_ó

Here you'll find my favorite ones going through all kinds of stuff. I enjoy creating little stories and situations with characters that are not my own u_u but it helps me practice anatomy porn and backgrounds and such :^D I do have my own stories, but that's something I work on mostly on school. If you are interested, I'll be uploading some of my original stuff here: :iconarumuel: (it only has masks for now but I'll start uploading other art "soon").

As you will see, I love Dragon Ball, Saint Seiya, and Slayers. Right now it's Android17 x Bra season >:^D They are sexy, fun, weird, and complicated. Just how I like'em :}

Lastly, if you're into my things, don't be shy and comment! I love comments.


Don't mix Saiyans and Androids with Alcohol by Arumuelle
Don't mix Saiyans and Androids with Alcohol
A day in the Life of an Unexpected Couple

Chapter 2: Don't mix Saiyans and Androids with Alcohol

Guys I told you it was all going downhill xD

And thus the Briefs' wealth and 17's life savings fade in the repair costs of the city u_u Jesus Christ. I guess 20 bottles of absinthe wouldn't do less, no matter if you are saiyan, android, dragon, god, Chuck Norris... Although after this, they are probably going back to 17's cabin to have a hot hot bath Big Fool Emoji-15 (Pervy Blush) [V2]  (they kinda have to clean all the vomit ._. )

Ahh I just love the things you can make a beloved character do under the excuse of alcohol :,D Now we have seen 17 dancing, singing, and wearing Bra's bra.

I regret nothing. 

Note: I partially traced the last panel background from a "Dragon Ball Heroes" picture ->… I just can't draw backgrounds, less a Dragon Ball city ;_; Full credit goes to the artist of course.
Random Val Fanservice (and some Filia as well xD)

I might be starting to like Val a lot ._. And, actually, Val with Filia. =O the hell?!

These are my little doodles of the day. I wanted to practice some anatomy (when I should actually be practicing backgrounds ;_; ), so the first two images where referenced from some Sid Vicious photographs- I have this headcanon that Val would be your "existentialist smoker" xD and the Sid of dragons

The fourth was referenced from this one ->…

I think that the relationship with Fil would become quite interesting once he's a grown man and recovers some of his memories... 
Mr and Mrs Fabulous by Arumuelle
Mr and Mrs Fabulous
I had to u_u 

I am fucking lame at drawing guns and I'm not even gonna try to make the effort xD but you guys get the idea ._.
Because birds by Arumuelle
Because birds
I just watched the last episode of DBZ abridged and I loved it so much! I had forgotten how much a love 16 1 he's the best u_u

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