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Hello there! Welcome to my fanart gallery :^)

I love crazy couples, and when I ship, I ship hard o_ó

Here you'll find my favorite ones going through all kinds of stuff. I enjoy creating little stories and situations with characters that are not my own u_u but it helps me practice anatomy porn and backgrounds and such :^D I do have my own stories, but that's something I work on mostly on school. If you are interested, I'll be uploading some of my original stuff here: :iconarumuel: (it only has masks for now but I'll start uploading other art "soon").

Anyhow! As you will see, I love Dragon Ball, Saint Seiya, and Slayers. Right now it's Android17 x Bra season >:^D They are sexy, fun, weird, and complicated. Just how I like'em :}

When it comes to technique, I love textures- that's why it's a bit awkward for me to work with clean lines and colors. But I'll give it a try once in a while.

Lastly, if you're into my things, don't be shy and comment! I love comments.


Mr and Mrs Fabulous by Arumuelle
Mr and Mrs Fabulous
I had to u_u 

I am fucking lame at drawing guns and I'm not even gonna try to make the effort xD but you guys get the idea ._.
Because birds by Arumuelle
Because birds
I just watched the last episode of DBZ abridged and I loved it so much! I had forgotten how much a love 16 1 he's the best u_u
A day in the life of an unexpected couple -Bra17- by Arumuelle
A day in the life of an unexpected couple -Bra17-

A day in the life of an unexpected couple

Chapter 1: Friday night dilemmas of renegades and princesses.

Funny things happen when you join two perpetually immature forces in a loving relationship xD

If these two were to live together, I can only picture an infinite number of ridiculous situations happening, the most of which would be petty fights that generally lead to challenges and conclude in hot sex.

In this case, I decided to do a typical friday movie night.

Also, in this strip they would've been living together for a couple of years. I picture her being on her late 20's. 

If you liked this, wait for more xD Warning: these things are only going to get more ridiculous from here on. 
Are we really gonna do this? by Arumuelle
Are we really gonna do this?
Guys I just can't stop myself when it comes to these teasers u_u

To be honest though, I wouldn't know how this race would end.

...Or do I? 

I also like to think that one day I will do the right thing and color these things. Meanwhile, enjoy these unfinished linearts with sloppily drawn vehicles and such :^D 

Oh and last but not least that suit Bra is wearing is not supposed to make her look like she is naked. Perhaps when I do color it everything will make sense ._.
Banner by Arumuelle

Hey there guys!

So finally I've decided to open up commissions :)

Here we go- 

First, some guidelines: 

- I only accept payments through PayPal

- No points commissions

- Prices are in USD

- I reserve my right to refuse any commission 

- Commissions are only for personal use

And some details:

- If you want a commission, just Note me. Tell me how many characters and describe them thoroughly, in what style (sketch, cell shaded, pencil, etc), and in what situation. Note that I'll only draw simple backgrounds! 

- You'll receive your commission AFTER it has been fully paid.

- All commissions are given in 300dpi. 

Now, to the fun part! (for me xD):


  • 1 character sketch (half/full body) - $10 (+ $5 for each additional character)
            Equivalent to one of the half/full body sketches in the following deviation*
Road play 2 (+18) by Arumuelle

*Sketches are given in an A4 format

  • 5 drawing sketchdump of 1 or 2 characters interacting in different situations (black and white)- $40 
Road play 2 (+18) by Arumuelle   Shaina x Marin by Arumuelle  How to turn her Super Saiyan by Arumuelle  Random Sketches (Bura x 17) by Arumuelle

Sketchdumps are 2362 x 7677 pixels (20 x 65 cms)

  • 1 character made in pencil technique with shadows (half body) - $18 (+ $7 for each additional character)
Camus and Artemis by ArumuelleNever let me go -TitanxPallas- by Arumuelle Future Bra by Arumuelle

These are given in an A4 size, horizontal or vertical

  • 1 character cell shaded (half/full body) - $20
Equivalent to the first and second drawings of the following deviation (+ a nice background color xD)
Shaina x Marin by Arumuelle

Given in an A4 size, horizontal or vertical
  • 1 colored character with "scratchy style" with simple background - $30-$40 depending on complexity (+ 12 for additional character)
Twilight by Arumuelle    Dawn by Arumuelle

Mother of Dragons (Crossover) by Arumuelle    Sometimes I do dream about you by Arumuelle

Had it been another place, another time. by Arumuelle

These are given in a 50x38 cms size, horizontal or vertical

That's all folks! 
Fool Emoji-45 (Sexy Star) [V5]


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I would've sworn I had you in my watch, and then I noticed I didn't and I was like: the fuck is wrong with me? xD 

It was nothing dear, your art is beautiful :) 
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Welcome to :iconadult-artists:

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